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Something newfangled and yet a bit old-fashioned? Old-fashioned congratulations expressed in fresh messages, paired with trendy wedding cards and fonts, are the perfect combination for your wedding congratulations. The wedding ceremony may be over, but the newlyweds will appreciate your well-chosen words when they go home after the wedding to take a happy look at their card treasure. A few examples of great and beautiful wedding congratulations will certainly help you write a memorable wedding message for the bride and groom.

[1]I am grateful to have been invited to share this special day with you and your family! I wish you a life of happiness.
[2]May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: a bunch of love, a pinch of humour, a touch of romance and a spoonful of understanding. May your joy last forever. Congratulations!
[3]Nothing makes me/us happier than to congratulate you on your wedding.
[4]May your years together be long and happy. Congratulations!
[5]Congratulations are in order today for the bride and groom whom we will admire year after year as your marriage blossoms.
[6]Congratulations and God bless you for your eternal love.
[7]Congratulations on finding the love you have always deserved.
[8]I wish you more love in the years to come than you ever dreamed of
[9]I/we send our affection and congratulations to the new couple!
[10]I/we could not be present, but we have sent you this congratulatory gift with the greatest pleasure! Happy anniversary!
[11]I/We wish you joy and happiness with our/my congratulations on your wedding.
[12]Entering your new married life is exciting and a little scary, I know. But I also know that your love will heal any wound you may have. Congratulations on your wedding!
[13]Congratulations on your wedding! I have always admired you, your love, and I am overjoyed to hear that you have decided to make it official.
[14]I was sure there were no perfect couples until I met you. You give me hope. There is no doubt that your married life will be full of love and understanding. Congratulations on your marriage!
[15]Congratulations on becoming a family! I am sure that you will have a lot of fun together. You are a perfect couple, everybody knows that.
[16]On this special day of your wedding I wish you happiness and love like the infinite circle of your wedding rings.
[17]Congratulations on the beginning of something beautiful! I wish you both much love, health and happiness on this happy occasion.
[18]Finding true love and sharing a dream is a blessing. May you have many happy years together!
[19]Two people, two lives, one love! Enjoy the love that grows and knows no end! Congratulations!
[20]May you always cherish the meaning of the vows you will take today and find in yourself the deepest joys that two loving hearts can share
[21]Congratulations on your wedding day, each of you is special in your own way. Together you are even more special. May your love never be fleeting!
[22]May your married life be full of laughter and you will love each other forever afterwards! Congratulations to the newlyweds!
[23]If you unite in love and friendship today, I wish you happiness that will reach every corner of your heart!
[24]Congratulations on your union as life partners! I am so happy that you both have found love in each other. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
[25]You are both a gift to each other. Always be honest and loyal. Then happiness will accompany you to the end and beyond.
[26]To a life full of happiness! May your journey together never come to an end and your love for each other never fade!
[27]Let the spark in your eyes burn forever, and may this auspicious union be blessed by the Almighty
[28]Marriage is a promising bond that also initiates a journey into the end of time. I wish you both a pleasant and unforgettable journey.
[29]I wish you both a life full of happiness and bliss. May you enjoy all the happiness that life throws at you. I wish you all the happiness for the wonderful days to come.
[30]My heartfelt wishes for your wedding day. May the bond that binds you last forever and never change and grow stronger and deeper from day to day. I wish you a happy married life!
[31]I wish that all days to come will be as happy as this day with many more reasons to celebrate a life full of happiness and love
[32]Blessings and wishes for the most adorable couple! May the love that you both share deepen with time and make the bond grow stronger with each day.
[33]Blessings and wishes for the most adorable couple!
[34]May this occasion mark the beginning of a new journey. May the life ahead of us be a joyful life with love, happiness, excitement, joy and peace. May this everlasting love be like that of a crown jewel that binds all the bonds together. Best wishes to the most beautiful couple.
[35]As we look at the two hearts that have united, we pray for their unity throughout this journey of love and forgiveness over time. Our heartfelt wishes on this joyous day.
[36]On this special day we wish our two friends a bright future filled with joy and happiness. May all blessings come to you. You both deserve the best.
[37]Congratulations on this great day! We are honored to be part of this special occasion and to witness the blossoming love between our two special friends for all eternity. May your love and commitment to each other grow deeper and stronger with each day that passes
[38]Our heartfelt wishes to one of our very dear and loving couples. May the bond that binds you unite your souls as one and bring out the best in each other.
[39]We are more than happy about this special day of your wedding. Together we wish you a life full of happiness and togetherness with each year that passes.
[40]We are more than happy about this special day of your wedding
[41]Congratulations on your special day. May this wedding be like that of a thousand candles that shine bright as the stars on a clear night.
[42]Marriage between two people means the bond of their union. May the happiness and love you both share continue to be as endless as the sands of the sea.
[43]Marriage between two people means the bond of their union.
[44]We are very happy to be a part of your wedding. May the coming years bring you all the joy and happiness with unconditional love.
[45]On this day we wish you all the best. May the trust that you both share grow with every second. We wish you much happiness and peace on your journey.
[46]Finally the long awaited day has come. As you both are about to embark on a journey of togetherness, we wish you to love and be loved unconditionally until the end of time
[47]My special wishes to the lovely couple. May your love blossom in your souls on this day so that it may be a foundation upon which greater monuments of love may be built.
[48]My special wishes to the lovely couple.
[49]As you both are ready to enter into a new life, carrying each other"s love in your heart and making vows of passion, commitment, love and loyalty, we wish that the journey ahead of you may be as joyful as this day.
[50]Our heartfelt wishes for the most enchanting couple on your great day.
[51]If you live in a marriage, never forget that your better half gives you all the strength you need to be successful and happy in life. I wish the bride and bridegroom happiness and peace, joy and laughter on the road ahead of you.
[52]A beautiful marriage is when you fall in love with the same person over and over again. Best wishes!
[53]May the beautiful bridal couple grow in this life with wealth and prosperity. I wish you the best for the future.
[54]We wish the most beautiful couple a beautiful family and that you both grow old together in love.
[55]We wish you both a happy and joyful life with many happy memories.
[56]May your lives be happy in each other's company. We wish you both to grow old together and to remain as happy as you are today.
[57]We wish the bride and groom a happy journey full of love and passion together.
[58]One of life's most precious gifts is to share the dream, so we wish you a wonderful life.
[59]We wish you both an adventurous life together. Stay happy!
[60]On this special day, I wish you both happy days with many memories that you will cherish.
[61]I wish our dear couple a great life with many special memories.
[62]A marriage can bring joy and happiness. I wish you both a life of happiness and peace with each day that passes.
[63]Think about the love you feel for each other today and continue to love each other on good and bad days. I wish you all the best and love for the years to come.
[64]May all the happiness and joy stay with you both forever - congratulations on your great day!
[65]Congratulations to the bridal couple! May you always do your best to deepen and build up your love and trust with every minute you spend with them.
[66]Congratulations to the bride and groom!
[67]We wish you to express your love to each other every day and not to forget it during the challenges of life
[68]It's great to see you both so happy and in love together on this occasion. I wish you a beautiful life for the future.
[69]We wish you both from this day on all the happiness and harmony in your lives. Let all your coming days be as glorious as this day.
[70]I'm not sure if you two are a top couple or if you both just look heavenly together today. Congratulations on your wedding.
[71]The wedding will only last one day, but the memories will last a lifetime. Best wishes!
[72]Congratulations on this special day. Because this is the best thing that could ever happen to both of you. Keep smiling!
[73]If you take a moment and put aside all the celebrations that have taken place, you will realize that this wedding was actually the reunion of love and destiny.
[74]Now that you have become a soul, as man and woman there will be dreams that must be fulfilled. Goals to be achieved and hearts to be loved. Congratulations on your marriage.
[75]Treat your marriage like a wine tasting and try to appreciate every note, every touch, every subtlety and season of your wedding to make it loving, passionate and captivating. Congratulations.
[76]Celebrations will always come and go, but love will always grow Take good care of it while you still have it. Congratulations to both of you!
[77]No matter where this life will take you, never forget how it all began and how lovable you were to each other. Congratulations.
[78]I didn't believe in fairy tales until this day of you two. Seeing you two together makes me happy. I wish you all the best.
[79]For you in marriage, complete a beautiful poem and mark the beginning of a life together. Congratulations.
[80]When I look at you two, I bet that every bachelor and virgin will envy you for the perfect couple. Warmest wishes for the perfect couple.
[81]I must say that your wedding pictures must be framed and preserved forever, because I suspect that no couple will be as perfect as you two are. Happy married life!
[82]If you both say yes to each other today, we say cheers to the happy couple and wish you both a very long and happy life full of adventure.
[83]The beautiful wedding ceremony of a wonderful couple like you two is proof that love exists without a doubt. Best wishes!
[84]On this occasion we are more than happy to celebrate your love and the appreciation of your journey together. Congratulations!
[85]I would say that your wedding is as beautiful as it could be perfect. Congratulations on your big day!
[86]We see you both happy and we know how perfect you are for each other. We wish to see you both happy forever on your path of love. Best wishes!
[87]I think you should put a giant symbol on your house that represents the happiest and most loving couple in the world. We wish you both the best in everything.
[88]Suppose your marriage is like a rubber band that expands, pulls, deforms, tugs and twists like the different phases of your life. But in the end it holds you together. Congratulations!
[89]Your wedding is one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever seen. I wish you that your married life is as beautiful as this day and I hope that you enjoy each day of your journey ahead of you, sharing your love with each other. Happy married life!
[90]You both as soulmates are enchanting, as life partners even more enchanting and as lovers almost divine. We love you both. Congratulations!
[91]Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you both have many years of love and joy as you spend your lives together!
[92]Marriage is something very special and I am so happy that you both are taking this step! I hope you have a lifetime of love!
[93]Congratulations to a couple that was made for each other! I can already see how much love you both have for each other.
[94]Your love is so beautiful, and I'm glad to experience it. I hope and wish for you that you have a wonderful life as a married couple!
[95]Your love is so beautiful and I am glad that I can experience it
[96]You will experience so many wonderful moments together now that you are married. There is nothing more beautiful than spending a life with the one you love the most!
[97]Congratulations to a couple who are totally in love and deserve all the good things that will happen to them after marriage!
[98]Marriage is very special and you two are very special to me. I hope you have a great marriage and a long and happy life together as one!
[99]Marriage is very special and you two are very special to me. I hope you have a great marriage and a long, happy life as two lovers forever!
[100]Marriage is very special and you two are very special to me
[101]You both decided to get married because of love, the love you share, and I know that your love will continue to grow over the years!
[102]There is nothing more special than to see someone you care about fall in love and I am so happy for you both!
[103]You deserve only the best in your marriage! I hope you will have many more happy and wonderful years in your marriage!
[104]It's a big step for you to get married, but it's a good step if you are as much in love as you both are! Congratulations on your marriage!
[105]Congratulations to a couple who are totally in love! You're gonna have a great life together and I couldn't be happier for you!
[106]When two people like you become a team, a successful marriage is inevitable!
[107]Son/daughter, I/we feel many emotions on this day. Most of all we are happy that you have found someone to share your life with. Best wishes to you both.

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